K&D Holmestead

Meet the K&D Holmestead Critters

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

K&D Holmestead is the home to tested and registered Up North Dwarfs Nigerian Dwarf Goat Herd.

American Buff Geese

Here at K&D Holmestead, we raise these calm, curious beautiful birds. All of our goslings are naturally mother brooded each spring.

Salmon Favorelles

We raise this docile, unique heritage chicken breed that has been classified as threatened on The Livestock Conservancy’s List.

About K&D Holmestead

K&D Holmestead is a small family farm located in Northern Michigan. Our animal family currently consists of Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Horses, Dogs, American Buff Geese, Salmon Favorelles, Ducks, and other random poultry throughout the year.

Holmestead Gallery

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